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2014  - 'Jyllands Posten', 'Living Magazine' 







2014   - ' Ejendoms Avisen' 


'Living Magazine' is an addition quarterly magazine, coming out together with a Daily Newspaper 'Jyllands Posten' - translation: 'The Jutland's Post'. Jutland is a Nothern Part of Denmark, where we worked with a lot of residential house conversions and commercial buildings. We specialized in energy tests, through thermal imaging, which aims for finding how air tight is the building to determine if the indoor climate shield is healthy and suitable to live in. 



What is an air leakage test?


An air leakage test is a test, which determines the level of uncontrolled air flow through gaps or cracks located in the building construction. The result of the air leakage test is expressed as a quantity of air leakage (m3 per hour) per square metre of building envelope. 


Why is an air leakage in your house dangerous for your health? 


A building, which is not airtight, gets very cold and moist because of the cold and wet air leakages running through the building construction. Natural and mechanical ventilation of the building uses elements, which are either made of suitable materials or accessories, which seal them tightly to the rest of the construction. Wrongly built house or building has a very big risk of becoming damp, which causes numerous amounts of allergies, sicknesses and cancers. Therefore it is important to locate the problem first and then reconsider the best solutions available together with our specialists. 

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