The Beginners Guide to Architectural Services 


The very first step to begin the whole journey on your Dream House Project is a meeting at your property to discuss the possible options, time frames and financial schemes. 

The Initial Site Consultation booked with MAC Architecture is Free of charge and will give you an idea on how long roughly the project will take, what would be the total costs from our side and how you can prepare for it.

We will assess all the opportunities and constraints of the land/building, find out the potential of the new development, explore your design options and research all the risk factors before applying for Planning Permission.


Architect Service for a Feasibility Study will answer to your questions, such as: 

       How big can my loft conversion be?

       How to maximise space of my property? 

       How big can my extension be? 

       Can I convert from commercial to residential? 

       Which layout of the development will work better?

       How to win Planning Permission?

In order to conduct a Feasibility Study for your Property, we will have to arrange a Site Survey to get the exact measurements of the house.

Once we've measured your property, we can prepare up to 3 options for the internal and external layouts of the development.


Our Planning Permission Services start from detailed Site Survey, where we take all the measurements of the plot and the property including a Site Photo Registration, that you can always access through our shared files. 

We will produce the Existing Drawings and come back to you with the proposed layout suggestions. Once we both agree on the design of the new loft, house or extension, we will produce the Proposed Drawings for you. 

The next step will be to arrange the Design & Access Statement, which is about 5-12 pages description of the Project and Proposed Works.

When both Drawings and the Design & Access Statement are in Place, we will be ready for submitting the Planning Application for you, which will include the full Management and Monitoring from our side. 

Once the drawings are submitted on the Planning Portal, the Council will respond to the Application within 2-3 months. 


If you are looking for an Architect to help you with your Building Control Application - we can arrange that for you.


As our client choosing us for the Building Regulations Architect & Engineer Services, we will prepare a Full Set of detailed Building Regulations Drawings for you, which will include construction details and notes with Plans ready for the Building Site.  


Once we produce the drawings, we will arrange Structural Calculations Report and prepare Structural Specifications Report for your project.


The next step will be to fill out the Building Control Application Form and submit it for you, as well as manage and monitor your Building Control Application.


This Architectural Service is required if your project is a Single Family House, Multi - Storey Building, Commercial Property or a Listed Building.

In such case we will produce specific Detailed Drawings for your development, which would show the Electrical Fixtures, Mechanical HVAC Ventilation Design and Calculations, Demolition Plans, Water Plans, Drainage Plans, Power Supply Plans, Fire Evacuation Plans and Fire Access Plans, as well as Photo Realistic Renderings and Full Specifications Detailing Materials, including all Finishes (Internal & External), Fixtures & Fittings with Door Lists, Window Lists and Wall Lists supported by the Tender Pricing Document produced by us for you. 


Applications, Contracts and Agreements incl. e-mails and Project Management, as well as finding the right selection of Building Suppliers with the highest quality and standards in order to meet the requirements of the current Building Regulations. 

At MAC Architecture we will arrange a precise cost estimate including a scrutinised time schedule with a list of materials delivery and 'on-site' implementation, ensuring no project delays and guaranteed efficiency of ours or your contractors.


The last stage of the Project involves obtaining an Initial Building Notice, which will allow us to begin the building site and lead it to completion with a Final Building Certificate. 

The results of the study case from one of our projects at 38 Somerset Road, TW8 8BP, Brentford, London are visibly aesthetic in comparison to the previous conditions of the Loft: 



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